Wesley Lewis

Hello. As of this upcoming school year, starting August 7th, I will be a junior at Weaver High School. I play an alto saxophone, and take interest in jazz. I am wondering if there are any scholarships involving the Jazz field. I am aware that it involves audition, though I am curious. Thank you for your time.

John Luke Townsend

Hello I’m interested in auditioning to be in the marching band and auditioning to be part of the Jazz Ensemble I. I’ve filled out a scholarship application and it shows that it’s a band/vocal/piano/jazz audition. So I was wondering if I wanted to audition for the jazz ensemble would I need to fill out another application and set a different date? And would I need to sit in with the jazz ensemble before or after the audition?

John Harvey

I'm exploring the production of a collection of songs made famous by the Allman Brothers performed by big band ensemble. I heard that you may have arranged some of their work?
Thanks, John Harvey

Kirkland Pope

I am a senior in highschool, and I am interested in auditioning for the Jazz ensemble. I do not want to do marching band on top of it. I was wondering how big the range of scholarship money is if I only did the jazz ensemble and qualified for the scholarship.

Marla McDaniels Heath

Hello Dr. Nevala,
I'm the president of the Jimmy McDaniels Foundation and we have an upcoming Jazz Weekend Residency Saturday, October 1 in Birmingham, Alabama and wanted to make your program aware of the event. Our workshop leader is Grammy-Award Bassist John Clayton. We will sponsor a few students and you and Chris Enghauser are welcome as our guests for the workshop and lunch. We also award 2 scholarships to music students at Miles College and Butler University. Please give me a call and we can speak further. 203 253 2907. in Connecticut. Thank you, Marla M Heath

Mike Guzman

Hi there,
Is there any information for next years festival? I am interested in applying and bringing my group. Thanks.



My son Rafael complete a BA degree in Popular Music with consentration in Guitar and scundary Piano. He are interesting in complete a Master Degree in musicology . He is
a very talent guy . He was in Spain taken a some classes in Flamenco.
He is interesting in found a grant to compete a Mastery.
Can you advise how to find a grant. or bring an orientation to my son.

Rafael Hernandez

My son name is Rafael A. Hernandez your phone no. is 787-239 - 9687

Rachel Eng

Hi Andy,

I am searching for a piano teacher for my boys. I was wondering if you have any openings, where you teach lessons {in your studio/our home/another facility} and any other details that would be helpful.

Thank you!
Rachel Eng

Alisha Ruiss

Dear Andy,

I hope this finds you well.

I came across your name while being in touch with a few different musicians in Colorado and thought I would drop you a line. I'm a recruiter with Proship Entertainment - I believe the last time we were in touch with you was a few years ago.

I know that you are busy teaching and with many projects but would you or any of your students be interested in the possibility of cruise ship employment?

I'd be happy to hear from any musicians (trumpet, trombone, sax with doubles, electric bass, electric guitar and drums, besides piano). We are currently particularly in need of showband pianists and singing piano bar entertainers.

Showband pianists are part of the band that accompany the production shows and guest artists. They also occasionally are required to play lounge/jazz sets. Applicants must demonstrate strong sight reading ability & versatility in various styles via an audition process.

Piano Bar Entertainers must above all be great entertainers as well as skilled pianists and strong singers. They must be comfortable interacting with the crowd and contribute to the lively atmosphere of the bar. You must be comfortable leading sing alongs, doing theme nights, playing a variety of music - ie. contemporary pop, Motown, oldies etc. and being front and centre. It is NOT a laid back/background cocktail position! Submission is via video demo.

We also book jazz quartets (piano, bass, drums, vocals), party bands, country bands, one man bands (guitarists), and a few positions for singers, in case you are currently working with an ensemble that might fit our criteria.

Do any of these positions interest you and fit your skills or do you know someone who might fit the bill?
If so, I'd like the chance to speak with you on the phone to discuss your experience.

Alisha Ruiss
Scout, Proship Entertainment, inc.

In Canada/USA
Tel: 1-888-882-0996 x235, Fax: 1-866-620-8725
International inquiries
Tel: (514) 485-8823 x235 Fax: (514) 485-2675
e-mail/skype: aruiss@proship.com
Twitter: @Proship

Joe Kleon


I am the host of "Spotlight" on Songcast radio. I am writing to ask if you would be interested in doing a phone interview for the radio program.

Meg McKinney

Hi Andy:
'Love these tracks here... I got your link from Michael Glaser's Jazz e-mail, for this week's performance at Ona's (not sure if can make it, sorry to say). But is it possible to still purchase your Alone Together cd? any other cd to listen to for jazz? If so, what is link? or where?
Btw, we met about two years ago when you were really new! to Alabama, and were playing a Sunday jazz brunch gig at the cafe, ORE, in Crestline Village, Birmingham. I'm a professional photographer.
ORE has been changed to a bbq joint, but they had jazz there every Sunday usually w/ Cleveland Eaton's group.
The info here on this site about your work prior to AL, and also at the JSU program is impressive. The university is lucky to get you there.
Meg McKinney

Nick Fredman

Hi Andy, are you still in the Denver area and teaching lessons? I noticed most of your gigs are down south. I\'m looking for a keyboard teacher.

(970) 443-5855


これらの株式のレトロな1920年代に吹き込まれている。私たちの前に難しさも、靴ナゲッツ電気の供給者は、"ヤンZhaohuaは積極的にパーソナライズされた独特の中国を形成するために、<この件に関するお問い合わせ> ────────────────── ブッククロッシング・ジャパン運営事務局 ((株)イーセット 内)  担当:財津(ざいつ) 電話(082)276-3773 FAX(082)286-2690 〒733-0834 広島市西区草津新町2-30-40-104現代の女の子はもっと目を引く、まさに自然の恵みの「山ぶどうバッグ」の展示会が始まります。    しかしそんな中ライオンズの応援を感謝してCiaopanic池袋西武店では、eコマースのスペースで私たちの愛を渡して、自己完結型の一種成熟貴族のスタイルを持っていることがわかります、

ウォルマートは広州市場に参入するための努力を放棄しなかったが、新たなトピックの繊維と衣服の販売となっています。独自のマーケティングリソースを取得します。あなたの最も見事なの完璧なイメージのためにさまざまなオプションをカスタマイズするには、中国市場に参入するための強い意欲を持っているが、リリース後2ファッション映画の成功を "署名"、あなたの全体のキャッシュフローは、TPOに応じて斜めに掛けるだけでなく、

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UGG アウトレット


Scooter Ward


I was given your info by a mutual friend and member of my band, Cloud 9 Orchestra. I wanted to send you an email with details and pay for an upcoming gig in December where I need a piano sub. Please send a good email and I will send the details et al. Thanks! I look forward to hearing from you.


Emerson Fang

Dear Dr. Nevala,

My name is Emerson Fang; I'm moving to Denver, CO today from New York for my first job, and was looking around for piano teachers in the area. I'm 25, so I suppose it's mainly for recreation, but I greatly enjoy playing and want to improve and expand my knowledge/skill. Perhaps someday, once I'm able, it'd be nice to be able to play in gigs, with an ensemble, or as an accompanist. It looks like you're probably not around there anymore, but I noticed your teaching philosophy on a website ("Only take lessons from people who can play. Teachers teach by example."), and whole-heartedly agree. I don't really need all the fluff, just a great teacher. I was wondering if ysou might be willing to make any recommendations for someone like me, or might know of anyone who is a great teacher. I'd consider myself intermediate-advanced, but have very little formal music theory/ear training and no improvisational training. I've only played classical piano compositions, and had private piano lessons for about ten years before going to college. I also play the violin, and played in orchestras before. If you have any questions that you think are important to consider before offering a recommendation, please feel free to ask. Thanks so much and I appreciate your help!


Guido Sancisi

Hello, I'm a collector and researcher of new arts, new ways to express the music and now especially music by soloists, composers, jazz musicians, arrangers and complex. Could you send me an autographed picture? I thank you and wish you all the luck to you and your loved ones for the upcoming Christmas holidays..
Guido Sancisi
Via Firenze 21
61012 Gradara (Pu)


Question; I have a cd named Cornerstone jazz grp. Do you have available any cds with similar music such as Sun Valley Jump?

Louise Hewlett

Hi, I am Coy Hewlett's mother and was just googling you since the JSU site doesn't give a lot of information about you. I just want you to know that Coy loves working with you in class. He fell in love in with jazz in high school and is so glad to have you at JSU so he can continue learning. Maybe next year he can work his schedule to get in your improvisation class and be a part of the latin jazz group. We will be checking the schedule to see if we can make some of the jazz events. Coy's high school jazz teacher at Hoover is Sally Vines White. She plays in several area groups, one of which is called Super Jazz. She would be a great contact for you to meet the Birmingham area jazz musicians. Coy has her number if you are interested.

Nicholas Browdues

I'm an aspiring pianist, and a capable guitarist. Piano has really grabbed me though. I recognize the importance of a good teacher, and am seeking your advice. I live here in Boulder Colorado and love latin music. Chucho Valdez, Willie Colon etc. Help? ;-)

I know your a very busy person, and if you have the time to recommend a name I would be so greatful. I currently am able to figure out R&B songs by ear and have a working knowledge of music theory. I am working as an electrical engineer and plan on staying in Boulder for a long time. If you know someone who could help move me in the right direction I am ready to work. I know it takes time and dedication, and I plan on being commited to the 'right' teacher for a long time. Any advice would be so helpful.

-Nicholas Browdues

Michael Suman

I used to stop by Jax State and audition kids. Any that are ready to work?
Bart Delaney works for me-

Dr. James Woodward

Greetings Andy!

I'm looking forward to meeting you here at JSU in a few weeks!

I think I remember an email that was forwarded to the music faculty that you were looking for a place to rent here in Jacksonville, so I've always kept my eye out. I recently moved to JSU too, so I understand how difficult it is to find a decent place to rent.

A house did just open up on my block. I haven't seen the inside yet, but it could have potential. Let me know if you are still looking for a place to rent and I will pass along contact information as well as pictures (by phone is the easiest for me).

Let me know. Looking forward to your future studio and ensembles here at JSU!

(562) 712-6361


where can i buy your music? MUST HAVE ON IPOD!!!

Keegan Hatch

best jazz pianist EVER. PERIOD.

Gilberto Mineiro

Spreading in the state Maranhao, northwestern of Brazil‏

Hi Mr Andy Nevala! I would like to introduce myself. I\'m Gilberto Mineiro. I’m journalist, musical researcher and broadcaster at Rádio Universidade in São Luís (an island in the northeast of Brazil which was founded by the French and later colonized by the Portugueses.
Here I produce and present radio program named \" Music Company \" that is relates with Bossa Nova, jazz, new music, modern music, acid jazz, classical music, new age, progressive, blues, Brazilian Music, World Music, Ethnic Music and much more since 1990 It would be such a pleasure to receive your information – press kit with CD in order to spread your work out, in my radio program.

Thank you very much for the attention and interest. I will be waiting for your news.


Send to Gilberto Mineiro

My address is: Rua Santa Rita, 664 - centro, Sao Luís - Maranhao

cep-65015-430. Brazil

Ps to hear my show radio at the university radio called \"Company of the Music\", go to the site: http://www.universidadefm.ufma.br / every Thursday, 8 pm, Brazilian schedule

Valerie Gaddis-Arellano

Hey Andy! This is Val from amillion years ago...can you contact me when you have a moment?


Yotam Rosenbaum


My name is Yotam Rosenbaum; I'm the EVP of Music and Artist Relations at Earbits online radio. I've found your site and music through jazzwest.com and enjoyed it very much.

I am emailing because the San Francisco Chronicle has teamed up with Earbits to launch an online radio platform to promote bay area bands and bands with bay area performances. It will be promoted to thousands of bay area music seekers. SF Gate will promote this all over the Entertainment, Nightlife and Things to Do sections of their site. It's going to be a great way to promote bay area shows and artists.
Generally this will be a paid marketing platform; however, we are looking for great bay area artists to showcase during our unsold airtime and we would like to extend the opportunity to you at no cost. We would also include your music in the programing of the main Earbits site.

Please let me know if you are interested.


Yotam Rosenbaum
EVP of Music and Artist Relations
Earbits, Inc
Phone: (424) 234-3449

Read about us in TheNextWeb, Wired magazine, Digital Music News and Killer Startups.

Tom Rance

Hi Andy,

I'm hoping you're the guy I talked do about playing in Modesto. Can you call me or send me an email to confirm that you are on for the concert?



Arturo Gomez

Happy Music Day

Hoping all is well upon receipt for you and yours and that your swingin’ en clave as always.

We are preparing to compile music to issue on our 25th Anniversary double CD, “The Latino Side of KUVO", Carlos would like your approval to use either All Blues or Take 5 that the Salsatet performed in our studio on October 8th, 2006, Victor, Darren, Jeff, Mike, Jimmy, Jose and Tim are the players. We would be happy to get you the music for you to review and select the track you like best to include if you don’t have it. The CD is not for re-sale, it is a gift to our donors to celebrate our 25th Anniversary. The song would be credited to your group with your photo in the liners, moreover, we will include a web link of your choosing for folks to visit and or learn more about you. We pay fees to the Harry Fox Agency and it’s all done first class as you would expect. We’d love to get your permission to include you in this historic CD for the station

We look forward to your next visit and folks are still talking about the show you put on at Dazzle for the Carlos Lando Tribute, yes!

Stay Well

Gilberto Mineiro

Spreading in the state Maranhao, northwestern of Brazil

Hi Andy! I would like to introduce myself. I'm Gilberto Mineiro, journalist, musical researcher and broadcaster in São Luís (an island in the northeast of Brazil which was founded by the French and later colonized by the Portugueses), where I produce and present a show radio called "Company of Music" about (Bossa Nova, jazz, new music, modern music, acid jazz, classical music, new age, progressive, blues, Brazilian Music, World Music, Ethnic Music and much more), in the university FM radio, and I write about the artists who send me their CDs and press releases in local newspapers in radio show. It would be a pleasure to me to be able to spread your work to my area audience. All I need is some press kit with CD and some informations about your work.
Thank you very much for the attention and interest. I will be waiting for your news.


Send to Gilberto Mineiro

My address is: Rua Santa Rita, 664 - centro, Sao Luís - Maranhao

cep-65015-430. Brazil

Ps to hear my show radio at the university radio called "Company of the Music", go to the site: http://www.universidadefm.ufma.br / every Thursday, 8 pm, Brazilian schedule

Visit my link "Música em Companhia": www.elo.com.br (click on "Columns" after choose "Música em Cia") It's my words.

Ron King

Hi Andy,
I sold a CD of yours on my World Jazz Scene site and the check I mailed to you was returned. What address should I send it to.
Are you staying busy?
Jeez. I\'m having trouble reading the code below because all of the type is so small on your site I\'m having trouble reading it. I\'ll keep trying until I luck out.

Rick Morrill

My mind just happened to be going back to Monday nights at Dazzle. You, Victor, Mike, and Jimmy (and the occasional DU student). Good stuff. I loved the way Mike and Victor would play (both meanings) during their solos. Caravan! Autum Leaves!

Oubladi-Oublda, I know life goes on Bra. Hope things are well.

Cheers, Ricke M.